Youth CREATE at Cazfest!

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Youth CREATE were invited to Caz festival in aid of Caroline Johnstone.

We had such an amazing day, we had our own gazebo where we were showing off our charity and going around Cazfest enjoying every minute, we met some amazing people and made the kids smile whilst we were in costume which is the best feeling.

A little bit on why Cazfest is around:-

Cazfest was established in 2009 in memory of Caroline Johnstone (Caz)

She was a 17 year old student of The Bishop’s Stortford High School studying for her “A” levels who had hoped to go to Newcastle University to study English Language.

On June 6th 2008, while with friends at a night club, she collapsed and despite the prompt attendance of the medical services she was never able to regain consciousness. She died peacefully on June 12th 2008.

Caroline’s death touched so many people. If through the funds we raise we can stop one family going through what Caroline’s family went through, and indeed many other families are still going through, then there can be no worthier cause.

We were ecstatic to help out at Cazfest and were offered free admission which is unbelievable and we are so greatful.

We all had a fantastic time watching the acts and going around the festival showing people what we are made of and getting people involved.

Pictures Below:-

Percussion Workshop with Connor

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Connor Linden our new Musical Teacher had his first session a few months back and he brang in some Instruments for the younger group to play around with and the children had a magical time.

They really enjoyed the session and Connor has now been taken on as a full time Music Teacher for both year groups at Youth Create!

Here are some pictures from the session below:-


The Jack Petchey Glee Club Challenge 2014

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Reported by Harry Pluckrose

We are pleased to announce we have made it through the audition round of the Jack Petchey Glee Club Challenge! We are all so proud and looking forward to the journey ahead and are hopeful to be performing at Southbank Center by December in the final. We will work hard on perfecting our songs and routines and make sure we are 100% prepared for what’s to come, we look forward to meeting new people and seeing old faces from last years competition.

Last year we reached the finals and performed in the indig02 which was one of the best experiences of our lives and not many people can say they’ve performed at the indig02!



Youth CREATE had the first boot camp on the 05/10/2014 and it was amazing, we learnt a new finale song which is wicked and we can’t wait to show you all at the Regional Finals. The professionals were incredibly helpful on the day and we have learnt a lot from it and cannot wait to adapt the comments into our performance. Everyone fully enjoyed the day and we just can’t wait for the next big step! Team Youth CREATE.

Pictures from the day below. ALL pictures were taken by Ritchie Parrott from the Jack Petchey Team! Thank you!

The day finally came, 8th of November 2014. The Jack Petchey Glee Club Challenge Regional Final. Hard work every Tuesday, blood, sweat and tears and the day came. We arrived at the meeting point at 9AM and everyone was so buzzed for this day. We arrived at Palace Theater and was welcomed by all the team and the groups and got moved into our changing rooms and given our times for our practice rehearsals.

Firstly we practiced the finale number ‘I’m still standing’ and our solo was given to Harry Pluckrose. He really enjoyed the experience of a solo with every other group and was excited! The finale was a lot of fun and cool to dance with everyone. We then spent most of the day relaxing and getting changed in the changing rooms and talking to lots of different people which is always a bonus of the experience, meeting new people with the same interests as you. It finally got to our turn and we performed ‘Imagine’ first and it went really well and got a cracking cheer from the other groups watching above which is a real confidence booster. Everyone enjoyed the practice of Imagine and we took on board the professionals comments and added it to our performance.

Next we had to perform our Medley which was our favorite overall, fun packed with awesome songs. When we performed it the other groups really got involved and cheered/screamed it was unbelievable and only made us much more excited to perform it in front of the public! The other groups performances were unbelievable and we knew we had really tough opposition this year, they were all amazing and so supportive.

It got to 7PM and the nerves kicked in and everyone was so nervous but we’ve done it before, and we knew Youth Create can do it. Our first performance of Imagine was coming abruptly and nerves were unbelievable. We could hear the crowd screaming for the other groups and the applause. Our time came, we walked on stage and performed to the best of our ability and it was such a buzz to see family and friends in the crowd screaming for us. We didn’t want it to end, it was brilliant! We all bowed and received the greatest applause, what a relief!

Time went by like a rocket and it was time for our second performance, everyone was in costume and ready for the medley, by far our favorite. We couldn’t ask for a better reception for our favorite performance, the crowd got involved like we wanted them too and it was just the most amazing experience, we bowed with massive grins on our faces because we know we smashed it out of the park. I for one couldn’t be more proud of my group!

RESULTS TIME!! Everyone was positive and what ever the outcome we had to stay positive! 4 names were called out, unfortunately we was not one BUT we smashed it and we had the best experience once again, obviously we was gutted not to go through but you’ve got to keep your head up and remember the experience, it’s not everyday you get to do something you love the most in front of a crowd of 500+ people. Every moment was amazing, from the start to finish, the other groups were great to meet and so supportive, you are what made everyone so proud. Good luck to all of the groups that are through to the final, you’ll all smash it!

We’d like to thank Liz Evans (Our Director) for everything, from entering us into the competition, to every Tuesday the support and guidance, you’re amazing Liz.

We’d like to thank Carla Ball (Our Dance Teacher) for the choreography and putting up with us every week and the feedback and support, you’ve made us into better dancers, you should be so proud.

We’d like to thank Maxine Pluckrose and Andrea Stamadiades for the making of the costumes, the support you gave us, for being there on the day and helping everyone out and putting a smile on all of our faces. Big thanks for driving the mini buses as well, we really appreciate everything.

HUGE Thank you to Paul from Modsurplus, They supply surplus uniforms from Ministry of defence BBC and other film theatre and private buyers. Paul responded actually was the only one that did! He supplied uniforms, buttons, epaulet buttons regimental insignia and belts, dress accoutrements etc. Also all our t-shirts were donated very kindly by Paul and his company. He was extremely helpful and accommodating at all times. is the web page! Without you our performances would not had look as amazing as they did! We really appreciate it.

A big thanks to all the Youth Create team and the Trustees for all the support on Facebook and at the Youth Create sessions, you are why we thrive to be brilliant.

Last but not least thank you to all the parents and friends who came to support us as a group and made us smile as we could see you in the crowd, we couldn’t do it without you, we love to make you proud!

THANK YOU to all the Jack Petchey team, without you none of this would’ve been possible, you’re an amazing group of people who are so supportive and really put a great name for the Jack Petchey Foundation.

Pictures by Ritchie Parrott from the Jack Petchey Team and Tom Harman from Youth Create are below.

Youth Create Session// 1st July 2014

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Here are some pictures featuring our older Youth Create members rehearsing their lines for a performance on Saturday 5th July and circus tricks.

Liz Evans receives Citizen of the Year Award

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Our director Liz Evans has won the Citizen of the Year Award for 2014. She contributes a lot to charities and everyone around Sawbridgeworth, and we have to all agree that she is the greatest person to achieve this award.


Liz Evans on how she felt when she received the award: I was extremely flattered but everything I do is for the charity and I’m part of a team. Without them I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything! The kids at Youth CREATE are my inspiration. Each and everyone of them is amazing! They are the force that drive me!”

We are so proud of Liz and she fully deserved the award and we love you to pieces.


May Day Funday 26/05/14

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Youth CREATE and Kisses4Kids held a Funday in Much Hadham which turned out great. We had performances from Youth CREATE and Youth CREATE member Abbie Middleton-Evans which the public really enjoyed and got involved!

Youth CREATE’s stall had the following activities – Face Painting, Slime Making, Puppet Making, Lego Challenge, Parachute game and The Hula Hoop Challenge. They all went down well and great fun for all the family.