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For copyright reasons we change the name of some of our characters. If you are unsure about what character you are going to be receiving or have another character in mind that you cannot see, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Can you Let it Go, Into the Unknown? Frozen themed fun for all!
Available to book on their own or all together.  (Add on our Snow machine on the booking form for extra magic!)

She wants adventure in the great, wide somewhere. She teaches that by seeing past appearances, you can find true happiness. She loves attending events with her Beastly prince and motherly Teapot!

Best known for her magical, healing hair. She teaches bravery and to stand up for yourself. Invite her to your event along with her ruffian prince for the Best Day Ever or with her “mother” for good vs evil party!

Spirited and headstrong, she longs to explore the human world! From mermaid to human, she can be booked in her tail or ballgown! She loves attending events with her Guppy Fish and Prince!

A dream is a wish your heart makes..! She teaches to have faith and be kind to all around you. Book her with her Charming prince to ensure she does not leave her glass slipper behind!

The fairies gave her the gifts of Beauty, Song and True Love. Pair her with the Mistress of All Evil for the perfect Princess vs Villain event.

With skin white as snow and lips red as a rose, she is the fairest of them all. Her favourite dish to bake is gooseberry pie! She teaches all to be gentle and kind.

Super Heroes

Your friendly neighbourhood heroes! Work those arms and learn how to spin a web. They will teach you loyalty and bravery.

When wealth and strength are joined, you are left with the ultimate human. They prove that you do not need powers to be super!

Get ready for a Super time with the cousins of steel! Powers of strength, heat vision and of course, flight! Train and play like a superhero!

With his shield on his back, the Red, White and Blue come through!

With strength and compassion, this Amazonian warrior will not be seen without her Lasso of Truth

Russian undercover agent. With intense martial arts training, be prepared to be put through your paces!

Prove yourself to the God of Thunder as he teaches you to be worthy to wield his mighty hammer!

After being struck by lightning he is faster than the speed of light! Build up your stamina and catch him if you can!


All characters available to book on their own or mixed with another family or character!

Yee-haw! Is there a snake in his boot? Prepare for toy box antics with the Space Ranger and his Cowboy buddies! Collect coins for the piggy bank and find your dinosaur friends but keep a look out because “Andy’s coming!”

Please note, Buzz is available as an added mascot appearance only.

Galactic adventures through space at a time of war. Make your way through Apprentice training and use the force to defeat the empire!

Please note, Darth Vader is available as an added mascot appearance only.

Wand, Owls and Cloaks at the ready. Welcome to your potion class. Expand your knowledge of the dark arts and prepare for some experiments with your classmates!

Zoinks! Ghost hunting and disco dancing, the gang will solve any mystery with team-building activities! Take your pick of the characters or go all out and have the whole gang entertain your “meddling kids”!

Roll up, roll up! Circus themed games to all your favourite tracks from the hit musical! Join our Ringmaster and his Showgirl as they walk the tightrope, juggle and of course sing and dance! Upgrade to VIP to add our decoration package for our extensive circus kit to make the party ‘Come Alive’.
With an advanced request, our Entertainers can also perform for your guests.

Curiouser and curiouser! A splendid accompaniment to any Unbirthday Tea Party. Hide the White rabbit’s pocket watch, Flamingo races and Tea Party Challenges. There is nonsensical madness and giggles whenever our hat-wearing tea drinker is about and for slightly older guests, invite the straight talking Queen for hilarious rules and consequences. Do as she says and please, please, please DO NOT PAINT HER ROSES RED!

Take the second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning! A swashbuckling adventure of faith, trust and pixie dust with the boy who won’t grow up! A tinker by trade spreading magic, a girl who dreams of adventure and our dopey take on Neverland’s most fearsome villain is suitable for all ages and you can expect some hysterical slapstick along the way!

On Screen Superstars

Say “Hi!” because they’re back in the Real World. C’mon Barbie, let’s go Party! Life is fantastic when you’re made of plastic (or not!)

A Troll’s job is to ensure her family is safe, healthy…and ready to PARTY! A high energy, rainbow-tastic theme. Beware- they love pausing the parties for HUG TIME!

No job too big, no pup too small! Help search for missing puppies, yelp for help, and play fetch!

Please note, Pups are available as an added mascot appearance only.

“Spots on!”
Our miraculous duo are here to take on the town. Can you keep their secret identity a surprise?

Into the night to save the day! There will be no sleeping at this party! Learn what it takes to be a true hero whilst working as a team to build HQ!

A girl and a zombie, what could go so wrong? Cheerleading try outs, don’t forget your Z-band!

Plumber overalls on! Play your way through Mushroom Kingdom; jump to catch the stars and win the kart race. Can you save the princess from the evil turtle?

Train with the best and test your pocket monster knowledge. Try to catch them all!

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” This little fish is ready for adventure! Perfectly paired with a pirate or mermaid, he is sure to give your party the SPLASH it needs!

Whilst she is busy touring the world living the D.R.E.A.M why not have 2 of her backing dancers host your party with games themed around JoJo’s lifestyle and music?! Get ready to be as excited as a Kid in a Candy Store as you learn one of her routines and perform to the grown-ups as the grand finale!

Blue-Lou is a member of the Kitty Club and is best friends with Coconut Cutie and Unicorn. She loves fashion, going to the beach and dancing, so get ready to pack your beach bag with her and dance it down the catwalk!

Original Characters

Uh-oh, our crazy magical unicorns are out to cause mischief! Lumi and Angel are sure to send both kids and adults into fits of giggles. You have a mission though, can you teach Angel how to smile like a human?

Tiny games, for tiny people!
Flying and wish making. Search for ladybirds, ride a scuttlebug and build treehouses!

Splashing fun with our mermaids! A perfect combination with our pirates for an under the sea adventure!

A brave knight from a faraway Kingdom. Sir Prance-a-Lot does not shy away from sharing his adventures of dragon slaying and Princess saving

Learn to fight, sneak and move like us! Challenges to test your ninja skills.

Car fanatic or love to race? Our mechanic is on hand to ensure your event is well oiled and Grand-Prix ready!

Dancing Angels with light up wings. Perfect for a Christmas wow-factor or any event outside at night.

Shiver me timbers! All hands of deck! Let Captain No Beard and his seafaring crew, whip your rapscallions into shape as they treasure hunt around the world, sing sea shanties of the ocean and walk the plank! Arrrrrrgh

Wacky Scientists
Popular theme for ages 6+ Heighten your senses as you test the limits with erupting test tubes, exploding rockets and SLIME MAKING!

Straight out of Pangea, these guys know what they’re looking for! Test your dinosaur knowledge through a pop up picture book, have a dino race and lots and lots of roaring!
Please note, our baby Triceratops is available as an added mascot appearance only.


A SCARETASTIC edition to bring your party to life (from the dead!) We’ve had stern words with the Mistress of All Evil and she won’t be sending any children to sleep. Unless you want her to. Prepare for a dramatic event with the dark fairy! Too scary for you? Pair her with the sleeping Princess for a fun Princess vs Villain party!

You will lose your head when you meet the Pumpkin King. Don’t be fooled by his looks, he’s a charmer underneath and loves a terrifyingly good scare with his ragdoll girlfriend and Bag of Bugs villain.

Please note, Oogie Boogie is available as an added mascot appearance only.

The Cruel Fashionista. Rude, stubborn and always right. She’ll have you strutting your stuff down the catwalk. Just don’t let her get her hands on any puppies!

Rotten to the core? Learn a dance from one of the movies and play lots of WICKED Halloween styled games!
Disclaimer: YCDP does not hold any responsibility for any lasting ‘evilness’ which may or may not rub off on your child!

“Ho, ho, ho!” The legends in Red who brings the festive fun and cheer at that time of year. They loves to sing carols and read stories- you will be sure to hear a few jokes along the way too!

The Santa Squad is here! Expect silliness and mayhem as they inspect your house for the big guy in red. There’s no fooling our Christmas Elves whether you’re on the naughty or nice list! They’re totally crackers!

Straight out of Whoville, can you help this Villain’s heart grow and save Christmas?
Expect mischief with lots of Christmas cheer!


Due to the nature of their costumes, these characters can attend for a maximum of 30 mins.
They will attend with a host to your event to ensure everyone has time for photos!

With an abundance of energy, imagination and curiosity about the world, our newest mascot is a firm favourite with all ages!

Hotdog! The leaders of the gang and timeless favourites. High 5’s and cuddles are their favourite. Did you know this girlfriend and boyfriend can dance together for you?

Wealth and brains built this suit of armour. Invite him to fly by along with another hero!

Highly trained in self-defence, this Space Ranger is brave, courageous and sees everything as a challenge. Popularly paired with his Cowboy friend, he is certainly an added ‘wow-factor’ to all events.

They’re ready for a red-hot rescue! Pawfectly paired with their trainer. Altogether they will bring some puppy love to your event!

What a ROARsome surprise…Sarah the Triceratops is here. Thank you, Ranger Stu for letting her party with us!
She is the perfect addition to a Dino Explorer event

Hop, bounce and jump, The Easter Bunny is here! Attended by April the Spring Girl to ensure everything goes eggcellently!

Who lives in a Pineapple under the Sea? Loved by kids and grown ups alike a timeless classic to add some craziness to your event!

The greatest villain to surprise the guests at the end of your Space Wars party.
One by one, the guests get a chance to battle him- lightsaber style!