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Community Recreational Educational Arts and Theatre for Everyone

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As it name suggests, the Funshop is a combination of performing and creative arts in a fun, safe environment.

We teach a variety of genres of dance, dramatic styles and vocal techniques through play to increase knowledge and encourage a personal favourite style of performance.


With such vibrant and inquisitive minds it’s not just the case of ‘watch and copy’, we teach WHY we do this, and HOW it will benefit our bodies. For example, where are you vocal folds and diaphragm? What are they and how do they work? Rather than just being told to breathe from your tummy!

All these skills are taught in a fun manner- we sing specific fun songs to warm up the voice and fun dances to warm up the body.

Other skills taught include puppet making and puppetry, film making and camera technique, sign language, audition and performance technique, art and craft.



11.00-13.00        7-11 years

Bullfield's Centre, Cutforth Rd, Sawbridgeworth