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Youth CREATE provides theatre opportunities for all. We teach acting, singing and dancing, in a relaxed and pressure free environment – through games, fun exercises and show rehearsals.

We pride ourselves on giving our young Performers as many opportunities to showcase their talents as possible and put on 2 shows a year. We also perform in the community and host our own events/fundraisers that Performers can attend.

Our charity status means that we can apply for funding to maintain our professional tuition and keep session rates the most affordable around. Our open door policy means that we accept a percentage of Performers with a disability, as we strive to make theatre accessible for everybody.

We put your Performers needs above all else and since 1987 we’ve been building confidence and helping well rounded individuals experience success…Transforming energy into Creativity!

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£12 Per Month


Little Sparks (previously Little Gigglers) is the perfect way to introduce your 2-4 year olds to theatre. Grown-ups and performer attend together for half an hour of new skills and fun.

Get their voices growing with our silly songs and support fine and gross motor skills with fun dances! Get ready for sensory activities, storytelling and more…

We have a clear routine each week to help little Performers know what to expect. We begin with our hello songs and dances, have a main activity or focus for the week before saying goodbye and sending Performers off with smiles on their faces!

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£16.74 Per Month

Giggle Station is the beginning of a Performer’s independent theatre journey. This one hour session compliments their progression through KS1 by building confidence and teamwork skills.

They’ll dance and sing to the latest chart songs, musical theatre and of course…Disney! We help find their voice with specially designed vocal warm ups and learn basic dance moves which are the foundation of every professional dancer.

They will take part in 2 shows a year, either with the older members of YC or in class showcases. A great way to improve teamwork and performance skills and make positive relationships!

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£36.36 Per Month

Fun Station is about establishing and building on performance skills during the most energetic 2 hours of the week! We allow a performer’s natural imaginative spark run free – building a love of theatre – while learning to respect and listen to others.

They’ll be encouraged to make their own choices and use imagination to create theatre to be proud of. Acting, singing and dancing their way through a variety of styles, learning how to handle complex positioning with professional tuition and guidance.

We put on 2 shows a year and aim to perform in as many Community events as possible. Youth CREATE sessions are treated as relaxed rehearsals, which puts the Fun Station Performers in the best position to succeed, and become confident well rounded individuals – who don’t mind being a bit silly every once in a while!

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£49.83 Per Month

Skill & Pro Station is the best place to come for Performers Year 7+, who want to feel like part of a family. As an all-inclusive charity, this incredibly warm group are experts at accepting and appreciating people from all walks of life.

While performing in 2 shows a year, they learn; dance routines, musical theatre, competition pieces, devise scripts, professionally record vocals, improv, develop harmony skills and more. We also focus on aiding independence and responsibility through helping and leading others.

Skill & Pro Station is a collaborative experience between Performer and Class Tutor. Shows are created together, giving Performers a sense of ownership and pride in what is being produced. The thing most Skill & Pro Station Performers notice is their growing confidence.

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