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STEP TWO: Choose a theme

All of our parties whether big or small can be themed. This invites the guests to arrive in suitable fancy dress!

Why not combine two ideas to suit boys and girls e.g. Fairy & Pirates? Feel free to phone us with alternative ideas, we’d love to hear them!

Games & music themed to your favourite Character’s Movie/TV Show or Book.

Make Rapunzel’s tower, Ride on a magic carpet, Spin a web or Apprentice Lightsword training.

Choose your favourite popular character and we will do the rest!

Ahoy! Join the crew aboard the pirate ship! Go on a treasure hunt, travel to faraway lands and walk the plank along with Pirate themed music and games!
Meet our mischievous unicorns who just can’t behave themselves! Or use trust and pixie dust to transform your guests into fairies!
Learn Hawaiian dancing, limbo, ocean themed music and games to make you feel full of life!
Suitable for ages 1-4 years

Sing along to your favourite nursery rhymes and popular action songs (Baby shark, do do do!) act out stories and play themed games! Why not add a special visit from one of our mascot characters? Some little’uns may be shy so we encourage all grown-ups to join in the fun too!

De-code messages, explode bombs, decipher noises, finger prints and Spy training!
Learn a routine to your favourite song or copy the moves of our hip hop/street dancers while playing some fun games.

Popular with our new Greatest Show Parties!

Don’t get caught out of bed! Themed games in your onesies/night clothes. Did you know that our Princesses have PJs too?
Step back in time and become a mini explorer discovering the world of dinosaurs, rainforests and cavemen! Follow footprints, hunt the dinosaur and meet a baby Pterodactyl!

Suitable for ages 6+

Fizzy explosions, alien smoke, sour sherbet and bubbles! Each guest will take home their own pot of slime!

An additional charge of £1 per guest

Suitable for ages 8+

Put your hand into a box full of something horrid. Get feathers stuck to your face and eat a bug! Can you collect all the stars before you scream Get Me Out Of Here!

An additional charge of £10 to cover the cost of edible creepy crawlies!

Each guest will create their own craft to take home with them. Crafts can be themed to your party and are done alongside our usual fun party games and activities.

An additional charge of £1 per guest