Please note that when booking with Youth Create Does Parties, the following polices and terms and conditions must be adhered to. Once a booking has been secured by way of booking fee, the following polices and terms and conditions are automatically accepted by the client.

  1. Booking will be secured once a non-returnable booking fee is paid by bank transfer. The remaining amount must be paid at least 1 week before the event, failure to do so may forfeit your booking fee. Booking fees are non-refundable, however, we will happily work with you to find an alternative date if there is a problem with the original date booked. Please note, this must be confirmed with Youth Create Does Parties, subject to their availability.
  2. Our team travel to each event by car. There is a fuel fee of £1 per extra mile for any venues outside a 10 mile radius of CM21 which will be added to your final total. We will need to have an appropriate place to park directly outside the venue. If there is any parking/toll charge, please make us aware of this. This must be paid in advance by the organiser.
  3. Your party will be run by trained professionals. They regard health and safety as their main concern. If any guests are feeling unwell or have a high temperature, they are encouraged to stay at home for the well-being of other guests and the team hired to entertain. In the highly unlikely event of a child hurting themselves or getting an upset stomach etc “Youth Create Does Parties” holds no responsibility for this. It is the responsibility of the organiser to alert YCDP of any allergies or intolerances of the guests in advance.
  4. You must honour our capacities, if your numbers exceed them you will need to book another performer and may have to pay for extra guests. Should a performer arrive at a party in which numbers exceed this they reserve the right to not complete the party. You will be honest about the amount of children that will be present, including any siblings who may join in, we pack equipment according to the numbers booked. Packages capacities and prices are listed on our Packages page.
  5. Although the majority of our team hold DBS and first aid certificates, this is not a legal requirement for entertainers. Our team are not to be left alone with the children at the event. For safeguarding reasons, a suitable number of adults must be present. Our team are children entertainers and stay in full character throughout the duration of the event and we therefore require the organiser to be responsible for the children’s welfare at the event including behaviour and safety of the children (this is especially important for babies, toddlers and children with additional needs).
  6. If grown-ups choose to stay for the duration of the event noise must be kept to a minimum. Grown-ups who do stay tend to socialise with each other rather than watch! This can make harder work for our team and also causes a distraction for the children!
  7. The safety of our team and guests is imperative. If at any time during the event, we feel this is being compromised e.g., inappropriate behaviour of adults or children. We will notify the organiser of the situation. If the situation is not dealt with accordingly by the organiser, then the YCDP Team are within their rights to terminate all activities immediately and no refund will be given.
  8. It is at the discretion of the team to change activities accordingly based on time, space and responses of the children particularly for younger children. It is within the rights of the team to refrain from vocal performance due to illness or other issues without notice. It is the organiser’s responsibility to pay for any damages to equipment or costumes that occur whilst at the booking. We take no responsibility for loss or damages not caused by ourselves.
  9. Youth Create Does Parties will assign the performer to each event, photos on our website show a likeness of costume/wig. Performer requests can be made but this is subject to availability. It is at the discretion of YCDP to change the performer should incidents out of our control occur.
  10. Wherever you choose to host your event at a home or hall, we ask for enough room for the performer and guests to be able to sit comfortably in a circle. We can perform in gardens during the summer months, but we politely request that there is shade for the team, please also ensure that you have an indoor alternative should the weather change. If the temperature is set to exceed 32 degrees Celsius the organiser will need to provide appropriate air conditioning, or consider rescheduling for a cooler date.
  11. In cases of extreme weather e.g snow or high winds, we will contact the organiser. We will do everything in our power to get to the event. In cases where we cannot, the event we be rescheduled to a later date when everyone can enjoy the fun safely. We will do our best to book you the same characters, but of course, rescheduling is subject to availability.
  12. If another activity should be hired for the event e.g. a bouncy castle, this is the sole responsibility of the organiser and not that of Youth Create Does Parties. These need to be turned off/recessed whilst our team are present at your event. If you are unable to minimise distractions eg: soft play equipment or a garden trampoline, the team is not expected to keep the attention of all guests. The team will not be held at fault if guests become uncharacteristically shy, the team will not force children to participate if they do not want to.
  13. Tips are not included in the price of your booking. If you feel as though a performer has provided a great service they will accept (and appreciate) gratuity. This is completely optional.
  14. “Youth Create Does Parties” do not wish to violate or infringe upon any copyright laws. Our characters are based on generic story characters and we do not claim to be associated with any copyrighted or name brand characters. If you require a licensed, copyrighted character for your event, you should contact the license holder.
  15. Any image or video footage taken throughout the event may be used on Youth Create Does Parties’ social media pages and website but also made accessible for you to share and download for your own enjoyment. It may also be used publicly for our future advertisement. Please inform the team at the start of your event of any parent that does not want their child included in this.

Thank you for booking with Youth Create Does Parties. We look forward to celebrating with you!​​


Correct as of 17th July 2021

Due to the uncertain future of the government guidelines regarding Covid-19, any enquiry made after March 2020 will be dealt with under our “flexible booking policy”. We will confirm your date, time and character with your booking fee but organisers must be made aware that packages may be adjusted and/or changed after the booking procedure has taken place. This is to ensure Youth Create Does Parties and their customers are always keeping in line with the current guidance in regards to social gatherings and distancing. This will always be discussed with yourselves to ensure we are still able to offer the best event possible for you!

If we have to cancel because one of our team members has to self isolate, you will be offered an alternative character (if available) or a full refund of your booking fee. Please be aware that we have 20 team members so unless we all become ill, we have great cover!

Full refunds will not be issued during this time and if we cannot continue with your event as planned, your event will be transferred to an Online Service. Any remaining cost can either be carried over to another event or refunded back to the organiser.

  1. Use your booking fee to reschedule the event any time within the next year, so there’s plenty of time to get healthy and celebrate when everyone can safely enjoy the fun. We will do our best to book you the same characters, but of course, rescheduling is subject to availability.
  2. Use your booking fee for a video chat or personalised message. We know having an event cancelled is a huge disappointment for everyone involved, so soften the blow by arranging a video chat with a character. We will do our best to provide a character of your choice. They can sing a song, wish your child happy birthday, and talk about life in their magical kingdoms.
  3. Put your booking towards a Zoom Party! An online, live video party. You can invite all of your child’s friends to join in from their homes. We will play games, sing Happy Birthday and organise a group screenshot altogether. It’ll be like everyone is in the same room!


If we are able to physically attend your event, we have put some temporary precautions in place to keep everyone safe:

1. All of our team members will be sanitising their hands as soon as they arrive at your venue, during the food break and before leaving your venue (if indoors), as this is the most effective way to prevent the spread of the disease.
2. If we are present during food breaks, we will be taking all children at all events to the bathrooms to wash hands before they sit down for food. Grown-ups, please assist us with this!
3. We are sanitising party supplies where suitable. Including machine washing parachutes, wiping down party props and boil dish washing catering crockery.
4. As always, if you have booked our catering package, we will continue to give each child their own plate of food (not buffet style) to avoid cross-contamination.
5. Face Painters will disinfect all brushes and sponges between each child. They will also be refusing to paint children that look like they may have any flu-like symptoms.